home-box-img1A House Call Veterinarian can offer many conveniences that a traditional animal hospital cannot. Having us come to your home eliminates transportation stress and waiting room anxiety experienced by many pets in a trip to a veterinarian’s office; they’ll be happier and more comfortable. A Mobile Veterinarian House Call is also the ideal way to have multiple pets receive their veterinary care without having to make multiple trips to a clinic. In addition to the benefits for your pet, a House Call vet may make more sense for many owners. Since you won’t have to gather up your pets, drive to the clinic, wait to see the veterinarian and drive back home, there is less time wasted for you. As House Call veterinarians, we offer greater freedom in scheduling appointments. You will also receive more personalized attention and an extended period of time spent with the veterinarian.

home-box-img2By examining your pet in its own environment where it is more secure, we can better evaluate behavior and conditions which may be caused or aggravated by their environment. In addition, there is a lower risk of being exposed to diseases that may be floating around in a hospital waiting room. This is especially important for very young or very old pets that do not have good immunity and for pets with weakened immune systems.

Island Veterinary Group’s mobile vet unit provides House Call veterinarian services to most of Long Island.  Unfortunately, there are some areas that we are not able to serve – usually due to distance, but sometimes due to our inability to navigate our vehicle in your area.  If this occurs, we are happy to provide you with multiple other veterinarians who may be willing to make a home visit to your particular area.

Island Vet Group provides a mobile, intimate and personal experience for you and your pets. Call (631) 3­51-8387 today for your mobile vet house call!