home-box-img6 Have you ever considered taking your cat to the vet, but keep putting it off because it’s too stressful? We at Island Veterinary Group have a special place in our hearts for our feline friends. We know how traumatic for them environmental change can be. Thanks to our state-of-the-art hospital on wheels, you and your kitty will never have to endure an animal hospital waiting room full of barking dogs again. Your frightened feline will not have to travel further than the end of your driveway for gentle experienced veterinary services. For our especially fearful patients, physical examinations, vaccinations, and laboratory testing may be done in the comfort of your home.

Have you ever struggled to take your cat somewhere, but couldn’t do it because you couldn’t get her into a carrier? We can help! Our experienced staff can not only help you put your cat in her carrier, but take her where she needs to go. At Island Veterinary Group we offer pet transport to boarding facilities and specialty hospitals around Long Island.

Cats are like potato chips…You can’t have just one! At Island Veterinary Group we feel the more pets the merrier. However, we understand that the only thing more difficult than schlepping one cat to the vet is schlepping more than one cat to the vet. That’s why we only charge one housecall fee per visit no matter how many animals we see, and we offer a multi-pet discount. Learn more>

Still don’t think you need us? We know what you’re thinking. Your cat is indoor-only and seems healthy. So she doesn’t need veterinary care. Not so! It is this common misconception that has led to America’s most popular pet, the cat, being under-served by veterinarians around the country. Kitties often mask disease so well that you may not know your cat is sick until it is too late. If you have a cat that goes outside, all of your cats are at risk for infectious diseases and parasites, some of which are transmissible to humans.

Our compassionate cat whisperers, Dr. Angela Martin and Dr. Jaime Wiener are waiting to hear from you! Visit our online form or call (631) 3­51-8387 to schedule a visit today!