Summer Dental Special

By July 26, 2018Announcements

Have you ever gotten a whiff of your dog or cat’s breath and wrinkled up your nose? All too often, our furry friends’ dental care is overlooked. Imagine how your mouth would feel, taste, look, and smell if you NEVER brushed your teeth!

Tartar and calculus trap bacteria in and under the gum line, which leads to irritation of the gum tissue, also known as gingivitis. This bacteria can travel in the bloodstream to other organs such as the heart and cause damage. Gingivitis often leads to periodontal disease which is a disease of the supporting tissues of the teeth: the ligaments that attach gum to tooth and jaw bone. Studies show periodontal disease is linked to heart disease. Periodontal disease can cause abscess, pain, inflammation, loose teeth, and even bone loss. The American Veterinary Dental Society estimates that 85% of cats and dogs have periodontal disease by age four! The good news is, with proper treatment, we can stop the progression, and in some cases reverse, the damage caused by periodontal disease.

Most animals with painful oral conditions continue to eat well. A good appetite and eating with gusto do not mean your pet has a healthy pain-free mouth. This is why oral examinations are so important!


  • The first 10 clients to book an oral exam will save $100 on their dental cleaning!
  • The following 10 clients to book an oral exam will save $75 on their dental cleaning!
  • All clients thereafter will save $50 on their dental cleaning!


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